• Eli Muse

Kaushal Ottem - The Child CEO Joins Kulture Hive as Ambassador for Youth Entrepreneurship

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Kaushal Reddy Ottem is a Year 10 student in a Melbourne school.

Kausal Ottem the 16 year old entrepreneur whose company have worked on project with technology big wigs such as Apple, ING, Wells Fargo and Dell has joined Kulture Hive as ambassador for youth entrepreneurship.

Accompanied by his father Mr Ottem to Kulture Hive's new co-working space at Williams Landing, Kausal casually talked about his Cricket19 - a mobile app cricket game that currently have over 70 million downloads since launch and how he juggles his accelerated degree at RMIT and running his tech company.

"I love what Kulture Hive is doing in the community and excited to contribute to helping more young people take the bold step to try new ideas"

He believes community residents should get involved in creating opportunities for their youth instead of leaving the sole responsibility to the government.

We are excited to have Kausal on board and cant wait to help more teens launch out with their ideas without the fear of failing.

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