• Eli Muse

Melbourne African community comes together after vigilante Facebook posts

When Morley Muse saw a Facebook post about youth offenders of African heritage that urged the local community to "hunt these so-called human beings", she thought instantly of her own child.

On Saturday morning, around 30 people sat together in Point Cook in Melbourne's west and began to find common ground on a complex issue.

Amongst them was 24-year-old writer Tier Ataing, who was born in South Sudan but moved to Australia when he was nine.

He took the opportunity of a roving microphone to speak to the group.

"Being somebody who is a part of the youth, and this youth that is represented on the news, there are a lot of things that I feel that is wrong," he said.
"Whenever I go on the street, there's a lot of white people looking at me a certain way, because the media said 'this is who I am', but that's not who I am.

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