About us

Creating strong bonds in culturally diverse communities through programs and activities that foster cohesion and connectedness is simply what we are about.


At Kulture Hive, we design social cohesion programs to create opportunities for cross-cultural bonding; provide job specific training, and catalyse the economic inclusion of underserved communities through our socially responsible employment partners.

Our programs are designed to address core social, cultural and economic issues and adapted to community needs to provide desirable outcomes.

Industry & Education Partners

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Facilitating cross-cultural community dialogues on pressing social matters.

Host a dialogue



Working hand in hand with our industry and education partners, we deliver job specific training and programs 




We work with socially responsible organizations to engage talents from underserved ethnic groups


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” 

-Helen Keller


At Kulture Hive, cross-cultural connections are made in ethnically diverse communities.


Our Vision

Build socially cohesive communities where the at-risk minorities are encouraged to better themselves in a supportive environment.

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